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A2: Graceful Mutianyu and the Underground Palace

Mutianyu Great Wall:

The Mutianyu section of the Great Wall is a masterpiece of restoration, with 22 original style watchtowers. Mutianyu, meaning ¡®Admire Fields Valley¡¯, is the longest fully-restored Great Wall section open to tourists.

The Mutianyu Section of the Great Wall has 1500 years of history (see below) and today¡¯s wall is a replica of the fortifications of 1568. Construction began on this section of the Great Wall in the Northern Qi Dynasty (550-577). During the reign of Emperor Hongwu (1368-1398), General Xu Da rebuilt the Great Wall on its original foundation. Mutianyu Pass was fortified in 1404 (the 2nd year of Emperor Yongle's reign) with a rare triangular formation of three interlinked watchtowers. Construction was finished on the wall at Mutainyu, as it now stands, when General Qi Jiguang was transferred the area to command the garrison in 1568 (the 2nd year of Emperor Longqing's reign).

Ming Tombs (Ding Ling):

The splendid Ding Ling (Ling means tomb) is the mausoleum of the 13th emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yijun. He was known as Emperor Wanli (much experience) after the self-proclaimed name of his ruling period. He ruled his great empire for 48 years, the longest reign in his dynasty.

So far, Ding Ling is the only imperial tomb in China that has been opened for archeological exploration. The underground palace is 27 meters deep with a total floor space of 1,195 square meters. It consists of five chambers: the antechamber, the central chamber, the rear chamber and two annex chambers on both sides of the central chamber.

Tour Itinerary:
Free hotel pick-up/drop-off and lunch included!

1. You will be picked up from your hotel between 7:30-8am, and from there we¡¯ll start our short drive (1.5-2 hours) to the Ming Tombs.

2. We will arrive at the Ming Tombs, which are also known as the ¡°13 Tombs¡±, which is the burial site of 13 out of 17 emperors of the Ming Dynasty. The Ding Ling tomb hat we¡¯re visiting is famous for its underground palace, which is open to the public. Dingling is the underground mausoleum of Emperor Wan Li, who reigned over China for 48 years. After our tour of Ding Ling we will also walk through the Sacred Way, on both sides of which there stand in total 36 stone sculptures. Of the 18 pairs of the sculptures, 24 are stone animals and 12 human figures. The custom of erecting stone sculptures in front of imperial tombs started as early as the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC). They represent the supreme authority and dignity of the emperors and signify that they are still supreme in power after death.

3. After our touring of the Ming Tombs, we¡¯ll stop for a Chinese lunch at the Jindian Restaurant. We will then resume our drive to the Great Wall at Mutianyu.

4. Mutianyu Great Wall is a favorite of travelers and natives alike. Mutianyu features an extremely beautiful natural landscape, and once you are up on the wall, green, densely wooded forest is all around you. This section of the Great Wall is comparatively smoother than most of other sections, so it makes for an easy and leisurely walk. There are a few ways to get up on the wall, either by foot or by cable car. To get down, you can take the cable car, but you might want to check out the toboggan ride, which many tourists have remarked is maybe the most exciting part of the whole tour!

5. We¡¯ll then make the drive back to Beijing (about 2 hours), and along the way we¡¯ll pass the Olympic green area, which includes the Bird¡¯s Nest stadium and the Water Cube.

6. You will be dropped off at your hotel at no later than 6:00pm, ending your day¡¯s sightseeing.


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5. Chinese lunch (Vegetarian? No problem!)


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