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D1: Chinese Acrobatics

Chinese Acrobatics:

In the long course of development, the Chinese acrobatic art has formed its own style. The ancient acrobatics stemmed from the people's life and had a close link with their life and productive labor. Instruments of labor like tridents, wicker rings, tables, chairs, jars, plates, and bowls were used in their performances of "Flying Trident", "Balance on Chairs", "Jar Tricks", and "Hoop Diving". Wushu and Lion Dance originated from folk sports and games.All of these acts became commonplace in acrobatic performances throughout China. Though having a long history of development and enjoying great popularity among the people, acrobatics in old China was never performed in theaters because it was looked down upon by the upper class.

Since the middle of last century, great efforts to foster and develop national arts and acrobatics have gained a new life. All provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions have set up their own acrobatic troupes. The veteran performers have better opportunities to display their skill. The acrobats in modern China have set up a designing and directing system aimed at creating graceful stage images, harmonious musical accompaniment, and good supporting effects of costumes, props, and lighting in order to bring about a fully developed stage art.

Tour Itinerary:
Free hotel pick-up/drop-off and lunch included!

1. Your English-speaking guide will come to your hotel between 5:30-6:30pm in order to pick you up for your tour. From there we will proceed to drive to the acrobatic theater.

2. At 7:15pm the show will start. With a history of more than three thousand years, Chinese acrobatics has been praised as ¡°A pearl of Oriental art¡±. The acrobatic show utilizes the concepts of dance and opera arts, compositions, stage design, costume, light and sound, which put together give you an extraordinary performance. The traditional acrobatic show will include: a lance on a high pole, jumping through hoops, hand feats, rope walking, turning of a fish into a dragon, swallowing knives and spitting fire and drawing a line off the ground and it becoming a river. The show will last about 90 minutes.

3. After the show you will be taken back to your hotel, and you¡¯ll be dropped off.


1. Hotel pick-up & drop-off service

2. Air-conditioned tour coach

3. English speaking tour guide

4. Entrance tickets as listed on the above itinerary.

5. Chinese lunch (Vegetarian? No problem!)


1. Tip to the guide

2. Personal costs

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