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Bus Tours to Great Wall


No visit to Beijing (and China for that matter) is complete without a visit to the Great Wall. Built in different stages for over a thousand years, the Great Wall is truly one of the defining achievements of mankind. Through our bus tours you can experience the Great Wall the right way, without all the hassle of finding your own transportation. You do not have to pay extra for your pick-up and drop-off and a Chinese lunch is included. Our bus tours take you to all the major Great Wall sections in the Beijing area, from the stately and wildly popular Badaling, the graceful and majestic Mutianyu, and the awe-inspiring panorama of Jinshanling.

The tours below are what we offer in the way of the Great Wall, and they are offered daily, except in cases of extreme inclement weather. To lean about our tours to BeijingĄ¯s city attractions, please check with our Beijing City Attractions page. Our bus tours utilize the Toyota Coaster mini-bus (capacity of 10), which ensures safe driving. Every morning, our tour guide will pick you up from your hotel and will bring you back in late afternoon. You'll receive a call from your guide the night before the tour date for confirmation of pickup time. To sign up for your tour please call before 10pm on the night before your desired tour date.

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Sample tours:

  • A1

    BEIJING BUS TOUR A1: Great Wall Day Tour - "Majestic Badaling & Ming Tombs" (RMB199 or USD29)
    Tour Attractions: Great Wall at Badaling & Ming Tombs (Daily)

  • A2

    BEIJING BUS TOUR A2: Great Wall Day Tour - "Graceful Mutianyu & Underground Palace" (RMB249 or USD39.99)
    Tour Attractions: Great Wall at Mutianyu & Underground Palace (Daily)

  • A4

    BEIJING BUS TOUR A4: Great Wall Hiking Tour - "Jinshanling-Simatai Challenge" (RMB449 or USD68)
    Tour Attractions: Great Wall hiking from Jinshanling to Simatai (Daily)

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