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Beijing by subway

Beijing by subway:

The subway (ditie) is both fast and reliable and enjoyed a massive expansion before and after the Olympic games. Currently nine lines are operating (including the Airport Line), with two more under construction, including Line 9, which will link Beijing West train station with Line1 and Line 4.

Line 1 runs east-west from Pingguoyuan to Sihui East; Line 2 is the circle line following the Second Ring Rd; Line 4 links Gongyixiqiao and Anheqiao North; line 5 runs north-south between Tiantongyuan North and Songjiazhuang; line 8 connects Jiandemen with Forest Park; line 10 follows a long loop from Jingsong in the southeast to Bagou in the northwest; line 13 runs in a northern loop from Xizhimen to Dongzhimen, stopping at 14 stations; and the Airport Line connects Dongzhimen with the terminals at Capital Airport. The Batong line runs from Sihui to Tuqiao in the southeastern suburbs. The flat fare is 2 yuan on all lines.

Trains run at a frequency of one every few minutes during peak times and operate from 5am to 11pm daily. Disabled passengers please note that escalators only go up. Only a few platforms have seats. Stops are announced in English and Chinese. Subway stations (ditie zhan), are identified by subway symbols, a blue, encircled English capital D.

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