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Welcome to the best Beijing bus tour!Great Wall Adventure Club's Beijing Bus Tours and Coach Tour Programs were proud to receive 259 family members and friends groups of Olympic athletes during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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Welcome To Beijing

Peking, Beiping, Zhongdu, Yanjing. These are just some of the different names Beijing has been referred to during its often turbulent but always interesting history. From capital of the Mongolian and Imperial Chinese Empire, to locus of the PRC and Olympic City, Beijing has seen it all, and now you can too with our Group Bus/Coach Tours and Private Tours.

To many, exploring Beijing and seeing all the wonderful treasures it has to offer can be a daunting and unwelcoming task, with BeijingĄ¯s confusing public transportation business and irregular taxis. But with our Bus/Coach Tours we take care of all of the harrowing logistic details while you sit back and relax and enjoy welcometobeijingthe sights. We offer Daily Bus/Coach tours to all the major attractions of Beijing. Since getting started a little over 10 years ago, we have sent over 7,000 international tourists to the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, and Ming Tombs, as well as the more recent spectacles of the 2008 Olympic stadiums. In addition to the grandiose, we also offer tours that cater to BeijingĄ¯s unique cultural heritage, such as Chinese acrobatics, Peking opera, and the narrow alleys of BeijingĄ¯s fast-disappearing Hutong. Our tours have even been recommended by the likes of the Wall Street Journal, NBC (who broadcasted one of our Great Wall trips), and FodorĄ¯s travel guides.

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